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If you read my earlier post you will know that I fell in love with the culture and people of the Appalachians while on a mission trip last year.  I stayed longer than I was supposed to.  My goal for this year is to stay the entire time!  That said, I need some money!  Money does not grow on trees folks!  You have to earn it!  In a nutshell, I need about $1,200 dollars to make this mission trip a reality!  I am happy to say with some work, motivation, and determination, I am very, very close!

I KNOW that I will reach my goal. I WILL! Again, think positive!  You might be wondering how one raises money for a mission trip?  Believe me, sometimes you get some odd looks when you tell people that you are going on a mission trip.  They look at you with that “oh, you are one of those types”.  I proudly say, “YUP! I am!”

So, how have I managed to get funds.  Well, first of all I was honest with people when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas, birthday, etc..  I told them that I didn’t want anything, that  all I wanted was funds to go to the Appalachians.  That is it!  I had people do this! YEAH!  Of course some people did not, and I have a plethora of candles, socks,etc.  Oh well, it is okay.  Next, I like to paint.  As a matter of fact, I have some painting projects that I am bringing down to share with the people who I met on this trip.  The directors of the bunkhouse where I stay – they love deer.  So I have a deer that I painted on a turkey feather.  YES! You heard that right!  I am odd, it is okay.  One home I was working on in the Appalachians, he had a mushroom on a tree.  I talked to them and said how I love to paint them.  I said that I would paint a scene for them.  They said, “no honey, you can just take it.” Well, I did take it and I have finished it.  I am going to bring it with me and I hope to see this family again.  I will give it to them.  I know that I will see them, because last year, they actually came to visit where we were staying.  Well, I have some friends who I painted pine cones on stands for and a deer head.  Someone in their family really wanted a deer cupboard.  My friends said that I was looking for ways to raise money for a mission trip.  Well, I was hired.  I can’t say that it was an easy job! I will admit, that when you paint for a hobby and then it becomes a job – you get a bit more stressed!  It really was not my style, but I am determined to complete this entire mission.  So, I said yes!  It took a lot of communication, repainting, and even a trip back to my former paint teacher haha.  However, I finished it.  It was delivered and I had more money to put toward my trip. Everyone walked away from that job happy.  I have also had people save me their cans and water bottles.  Being on the Daniel Plan one does not drink soda (I never really did anyways!).  However, I know people that drink soda all day long!  My aunt and uncle easily can bring me about 50 cans a week. It does not sound like much, but it all adds up. I put out an email at work, and some others have also given me bottles and cans. I would say I have about 40 dollars in deposit money from this endeavor.  Again, every little bit helps!

Last, but not least, I put up a sign that I wanted scrap metal.  When I stayed longer last year, I met a group of people who raise funds with a big scrap metal effort. Granted they have a much larger church, and they have been doing this for some time.  Also, about 20 of them work on this together. I thought, why not!  I got permission to put a sign up at my church and believe it or not, I got offers!  Before today I had about 50 dollars.  However, after today, I can say that I have 180 dollars just from this scrap metaling idea, with more scrap in my garage (the scrap metal place closed at noon and I thought it was 1 – oops – my fault!)IMG_20150620_103626-1

Scrap metaling is NO easy task.  We made three big truck trips to the scrap metal place.  They got to know me really fast haha.  The truck was dragging and we almost lost a hot water tank on one trip, again adventures!  Also, why do people that have hot water tanks for you – always have a gazillion stairs in their cellars, on their porches, etc. Just saying.  I am tired and a bit sore.  Also,  a cast iron stove – the good news – it is heavy!!  The bad news – it is heavy!!! But, it was also rusty and old and racked in some bucks for the trip.  The problem I have had with this fundraiser, is that I do not have a truck.  I have to rely on my Dad.  Also, I do not have a group of 20 going on this trip.  I have a lonely group of 1 – me, myself, and I. But I am very okay with that! So, I have had to rely on my dad for a truck. That requires communication, which is not one of our strongpoints.  Believe me I can talk to anyone, but when it comes to him – not so much.  Oh well.  I kept saying we needed to get stuff, people wanted it gone, and I would get the uh -huh, yup.  Finally after months, I bit the bullet and just said WE HAVE TO DO THIS! Believe me, people wanted their stuff gone and I do not blame them.  I was also starting to feel guilty.  When I say I am going to do something, I will do it!  I do not break promises. I said I would get their scrap and I said I was doing this as a fundraiser, so I was going to do it! Anyway, it was one of my finer phone call conversations with dad – haha. I can’t say he was happy but we set a date for him to come and I would have the directions and the lists.  That day…was today.  We will also need another day, since I have more to get.  I have a business in the area that supposedly is going to help me out according to a parishioner.  I am hoping so. I ran out of time to stop in and ask, but it is okay.  I also ran out of time since the scrap placed closed and had to unload a washer and other stuff in my garage.  On the plus, I also scored a BEAUTIFUL oak bookshelf for my house! Thank you Dan and Sharon!  That is next on my list. to move it of the middle of the living room.  Also, thank you for the washing machine!

As a side note, it made me think of the people who I met and worked on their homes last summer.  I am doing this as a fundraiser.  Those people did this every day just to survive and live.  I am very thankful for what I have.  When you go on a mission trip and then return to your home, you really are thankful for what you have.  The trip really opened my eyes and I saw how other people live.  Like I sad, I fell in love with the culture and the people in the Appalachians.  Again, another adventure where I learned some great lessons about life and the world we live in.

I will succeed in getting funds for this trip!  I will also have to be creative and think of different ways.  I have some iron fire inserts that I am scheduled to get, but that will be after this summer’s trip.  I will have to travel about 2 hours to friend’s house.  I have to figure that one out.  I am thinking that there has to be a scrap metal place there.  Also, they have a plow blade – yeah!  I am told that it will require a couple of trips.  Today, three heavy trips was enough for me.  I am thinking in the fall I will tackle the 2 hour fire insert and plow trip.  Thankfully, these people are okay with their plow and inserts waiting.  YEAH! Also, I have some ideas up my sleeve.  Many people really enjoyed ornaments that I painted and gave as gifts this year.  Some said I should sell them.  So, I am hoping to do that. I do not have much time, but I will get painting soon.  Think, buy glass bulbs after Christmas and stock up and paint this summer.   I hate having to focus on money, but it does take money to make this mission trip possible.  Also, all money raised is used for construction materials that we use while keeping people warm, safe, and dry in the Appalachians.  I will write more about this mission organization at another time.

What I wanted to really say today – if you work hard and have determination and motivation, you will meet your goals.  You have to be willing to work hard.  I WANT this trip.  I WILL go on this trip.  I WILL have the funds!

What is it that you are determined to succeed at with hard work?