Hot, hot, hot! I am beat!  Susan and I spent all day up on the roof.  The good news is that we kicked butt compared to yesterday. Yesterday it rained so we only managed to get 5 sheets of OSB boards up. Then it started to rain so we had to run up and put the felt paper up.  Today, we pretty much finished one whole side minus a small rotten piece we have to repair and then a board on the end after it. So, we felt better. However, we are exhausted since we are the only ones going up on the roof. Also, Paul wants us to wear harnesses due to the pitch, so you add that to hot, humid, sweaty weather and you fade fast. We did really well until we came down for lunch.

After lunch, we went up to do the felt paper and that stuff was hot! Plus, using Paul’s nail gun booked up to the compressor was great, until it jammed. Thank you Jerry and Anita for being there to fix it. When we were done, Susan and I got done and it was time to leave. We were hot and tired. We are very relieved that Paul is going to come to our site tomorrow. He is also willing to get up on the roof, which will be a huge, HUGE help. We hope to fix the patch, put up the other board, and start putting the tin up.

I want to give a huge shout out to Randall. Randall is one of the homeowner’s sons. He came and helped today. Even though he did not get up on the roof, he was an amazing help passing the OSB boards up the ladder to us.  He also drew lines on the boards so we could see where to drill. Thank you Randall. He said he would be there tomorrow too. Yeah!

I also want to give a shout out to Maggie our sweet homeowner. She brought me out the coldest bottle of water and refilled my water bottle for me. Plus, she came out and visited with us when eating lunch.  It was wonderful to hear stories about how Trammel used to be a booming coal town, when she bought this house, and how she has 9 children, and over 20 grandchildren.  Maggie has been a WONDERFUL host.  She said she and Randall will come to our picnic on Friday night. Yeah!!

Well, dinnertime!! Lasagna tonight. Not Daniel Plan approved,but I am definitely going to eat. I am starving.

Let’s hope for a great day tomorrow!