Hey all!  I am still alive. Sorry I did not post yesterday. It was a crazy day.  After Tuesday Susan and I were beat. Went to bed early. Woke up yesterday and had a squirrelly panic attack. Susan was not feeling good at all and not working. Paul said I was team leader. After a freak out and a NO we survived.  There was no way one person could get up on a roof. So, Paul came to our site.  Susan gave me her keys and the use of her vehicle fully loaded with the tools and supplies. I drove it successfully to our site and successfully down the windy mountain road.

Once the rest of the team and I set up our tent for shade, unloaded our tools and supplies, set up the seahorses, etc. Paul arrived.  We had lots of fun and him and I got up on the roof. He was a great teacher and has lots of patience for all of my how are we going to attachment, wouldn’t it have been easier with plywood rather than one by fours, and just plain why questions. I learned a lot from him. We patched the roof where we had to, finished putting up the OSB boards on the one side and got two pieces of tin up on the roof.  Not too shabby being it was half day. Unfortunately, to add to the hot, hazy, humid weather, they decided to pave the road. Yeah, it just made it even more wonderful. But it was half day so we left a bit later due to being trapped by the paper people. Then, a fantastic, much needed trip to hike to the waterfalls. After the last few days we had it was great. The water was wonderful people!!! Even stood under the falls to get a great massage. Then Paul treated us to ice cream.  I never blogged because then it was dinner, a longer meeting than usual, shower, and I was beat.

Today was a good day. I have never worked with Paul before at a work site. But, he is lots of fun. We were joking around and being safe. Oh, did we laugh a lot.  It was much needed after Monday and Tuesday. We definitely took more breaks and drank lots more water. Susan is a hard worker she is like me. We were stubborn and didn’t take enough breaks. So the last two days Paul and I ha e just sat on the roof taking a break while waiting for the ground grew to trim a piece of tin, bring us a charged battery for the impact drivers, more screws, etc. We have laughed and joked taro nd a lot. We did not allow Susan up on the roof and she said she was glad. I think she got scared. Paul said she was suffering from heat stroke. Yesterday an intern with Grace House was available and he came up on the roof for just a bit, which was great. It slowed us to get a short break. He is not available the rest of the week, but we definitely appreciated his help yesterday. Another intern was with us today and will be tomorrow. He won’t go on the roof but is great at sliding the OSB boards and the tin up to us.

We were very frustrated, but Paul has helped us to understand that we most likely won’t finish this week.  However, it is okay and we are working hard.  He admitted that if he had known the other two on our team were not going to get up on the roof or want to use a skilsaw he would have given us another job. But, I am definitely learning lots and having fun.

Today we finished all of the tin on the one side. So it was good.  That was the goal for Paul and I. We had a few tense moments where we caught each other.  I am now glad we are wearing the harnesses. It has saved us a few times.

Also, we had laughter which we needed. On a roof we get weird looks. Also, many coal truckers go by. It was eerily quiet while Paul and I were on the roof waiting for the others on the ground to cut tin. So, out of the blew I tried the ole honk honk with your arm trick to try to get them to honk as they went by. We just laughed. I am proud to say I had 100 percent success and their is video to prove it ha.

Maggie, our homeowner is as sweet as can be.  I love her.  She brings us out cold water. She comes out to chat with us, etc. She is a sweetie.

So, after a few rough days, we have rebounded into good days. I can’t believe that week 2 is almost over.  It sure is flying by. Way to fast.  I already dread the day I have to leave. It will be one sad day.