Hey All!

I am back!  I am so sorry that I hit a wall on the blogging!  Sorry, but the mission trip was so amazing that I did not have time to blog! But I am now officially back! I came home yesterday!

What did I do.  TONS!  Did flooring, fixed up the facia and (drawing a blank) part of siding, worked on a roof (and that was an adventure in itself thank you 98 degree and high humidity and black tin!!), and I built the world’s biggest deck/carport.  It was wonderful! I had a lot of laugher and a lot of fun.  Still didn’t find Santa on a Scooter, but have not given up yet! Made many trips to Lowes late at night looking for him.  And by the way, thanks Paul, for the wonderful conversation to and from.  It was great.  I needed it!  Great words of wisdom my friend!

What I learned!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The Appalachians.  More so this year than last year.  My three weeks went by way to fast.  I was very sad to see it end.  More sad than last year.  Like tears started on Thursday.  I was a blubbering mess. Basically I, myself, grew more.  I LOVE people!! I love helping them and making them feel good about themselves.  I loved interacting with everyone – my various team members, Paul, Susan, Anita, and Jerry.  We are like one big happy family!  We all understood each other.  We all gave each other our space.  We all listened to each other vent when things were frustrating (roof in hot weather and frustration because we knew we would not finish) Trust me I vented that night!  But, others vented to me. The most important thing is to listen. We had each others backs, and ropes literally when on the roof.  We learned how much we cared about each other and how much we trusted each other.  Like I said, Saturday was rough for me.  Saying goodbye was rough! I was glad it was not just me.  I was glad i was with people who understood.  It made me feel, dare I say normal?

I learned to appreciate what I have in life.  I learned that the little things are the most valuable things.  I learned that I wish I could communicate with my family.  This is something I struggle with… A LOT! Just being home today I have struggled with it. It started yesterday when I was picked up at the train station!  I immediately wanted to be back in Virginia.  Thankfully I went to visit friends who helped me with funds, and it was great as I was able to calm down and really explain this trip and what it meant to me.

So, I will try to explain more another time.  Right now, I need to catch up on much needed sleep.  I am also grumpy. Why?? Oh, the ole family thing!  I had family visit tonight who don’t get it.  I had to bite my tongue MANY times.  I became frustrated.  I became angry.  I shouldn’t have, but I did.  I think I need some alone time tomorrow. I need a lot of time to reflect and really think about my trip.

But, I am alive!  I want you all to know that.  Sorry for not blogging.  I had every intention, but when you are on a mission trip..things happen.  I can’t explain, but things happen.  You grow, you learn.  That, I did!