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epic 2I want to share with you a GREAT App that you can use in the classroom.  It is Epic! If you are a fan of TumbleBooks, Epic is WAY better! We do have TumbleBooks at our school, but it is nothing compared to Epic.  I highly suggest that you check out http://www.getepic.com.

It is easy to sign up.  Now, you can set up accounts for your students and then put books in their library or you can have just one library and all the kids have access.  I will leave that up to you.  Right now, I have just one library until I decide if I want to set up separate accounts.  I probably should, but I am right now just using this app on our Kindles at school.  Right now my students love it!  Something about reading a book on an electric device is cool!

Some of the books have audio features.  This is great for my struggling readers.  I also let my higher readers listen to books as well.  I really feel
that as long as they are listening to books or reading books, they are learning.  They need to learn that reading is enjoyment! I feel that so many times with the focus on close reading and always writing lengthy answers using details from the text…sometimes we take the enjoyment out of reading.  I do NOT feel that this is what the Common Core standards want.  Yes, reading is thinking and we do want students to really think about their reading.  I do agree with that.  However, we need our students to understand the importance of reading and how reading is important.  They need to have time to read books of their choice throughout the year! Just my two cents worth.

epicFeel free to check it out and sign up today!