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mental health

I want to ask this question? Why did we take away mental health services??? Research shows that students will not be able to learn academically until their emotional needs are met.  Quite frankly, todays students are coming to school with some major emotional needs.  Over the past three years I have had more and more students with emotional needs.  This year, the same.  I have to be honest with you….I had to sit down with this parent and warn her point blank what was going to happen if she did not get him to some counseling or to address this students issues.  We have documentation from an outside counselor that he is ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and he throws things and argues with staff, students, and administration all of the time.  He has produced no work the last two weeks.  We have documentation where we could get him an IEP and services.  But no! Nothing.  So now, this child is out of control and has been allowed to rule the school for four years. We are not even behaving at lunch time now.

During a conversation today (after a rather “one of those days moments” – he was running up and down the hall, arguing with staff who wanted him to stop, etc. ) I had administration ask me what we could do.  I said listen I sat down with the parent at conference time, as did another parent.  We have been doing this for FOUR years.  The parent is not going to follow through.  I have the research that says that he is NOT going to learn academically until his emotional needs are met.  He almost cried at conference time when Ia asked him why he was upset – the boy has some   deep down anger.  He needs help! We need services in our schools.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how this story will end.  I just needed to vent.  I apologize, but I get so upset because I went into this profession to help children and families.  Lately, I do not feel that I am.  I do get attached to students.  This student – I worry about him.  I truly do.  I have worked at behavioral outside school placements.  I even told the mom I could see her child ending up there if she does not get help. It will make me sad.

So, I guess I am just asking that people not put a stigma on mental health services.  They are a good thing!  They are helping people! Unless your emotional needs are met…and by the way this is true for adults as well, you will have a hard time working, going to school, and “surviving” in this world.

Thanks for listening.